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With its sober and refined lines, its more discreet dimensions and its 1.4 cubic feet oven, rediscover the pleasure of cooking with wood thanks to the Atlas cook stove from Drolet. With its elegant simplicity, it offers all the advantages of this type of appliance in a more subtle size without compromising the additional heat for your home. The perfect balance between the firebox, oven and bottom loading compartment allows angled installation and is therefore a choice to consider regardless of your interior space. This ULC S627 and UL 1482 compliant model features a new combustion system, which improves performance to 83.9% and reduces CO emissions to 13%. Whether to enjoy the pleasure of wood heating or just to savor the most comforting dishes, the Atlas will certainly attract lovers of tasty cuisine as well as fans of traditional know-how. The cooking can be done in the stainless steel oven, using the grids and dishes supplied with the stove. For fans of embers, it is possible to cook your food in the firebox, using only the cooking grids. Share unforgettable moments with family, friends or your significant other in the friendly and warm atmosphere that the Atlas cook stove creates in your home. The Atlas gives off heat, but its design makes it primarily a cooking appliance. So when the stove is on, you will heat the room, but you will not benefit from slow combustion heat like a high efficiency wood stove.


  • High-efficiency certified appliance : Exempt


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